November 06, 2003


Here is a sentence to illustrate Photo the use of the visual Video links in a rich Audio web media environment Website.

Try to put some visual links in a full text page to really see the visual impact when you do a fast scroll and can clearly see links and know exactly where or what they lead to before clicking on them.

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November 05, 2003

The visual links

Website for other website link
Photo for a photo or image link
Audio for an audio link
Video for a video link

A little icon (image) describing the nature of the link in a web page (or any linkable text) visually, whether it is a link to other website to an image, audio or a video file.

The way to be implemented into a website is the same as implementing smilies or emoticons, by adding some reference lines and adding the images to the same folder as the smilies.

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